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kellot The famous Swiss replica watch making company Jaeger-LeCoultre is always fmaous for its endeavor of producing some extremely creative replica watch piece. Always a force for technical innovation in traditional luxurious replica watch making industry, this well-known replica watch maker proves a point at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva with the introduction of its automatic Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2.

replica kellot myynnissä Like its predecessor the Extreme LAB replica watch model three years ago, this model pushes horological boundaries in service to extremely tough environments and tribute to the Le Sentier-based manufacture’s 1958 Chronometre Geophysic.

Rolex replica kellot Take a moment to look into the dial-side picture and take in the universe of timekeeping on display, all in the limited space supposed by a 46.8mm diameter wristwatch dial (specifications about this model on the real display area are not available presently).

Rolex replica kellot Briefly, the functionalities are as follows, in accordance with the press release: hours, minutes, small seconds, date, second-time zone hand and counter, chronograph with large minute counter, manual stop second, functions selector (three-position indicator: winding, date and dual time zone adjustment, time-setting), an extremely attractive silicon escapement. The silicon escapement adapts to Calibre 781 only. This replica watch is also crafted with Calibre 780, which is identical in almost every other model.

paras replica kellot what’s presented on the face of the replica watch are the hours, minutes, small seconds (as movement functioning indicator), sweep chronograph hand, date, function selector (this is a one-crown operation proposition), digital chronograph minutes, chronograph hours, second time zone (24-hour scale) and power reserve (60 hours).

Sveitsin replica kellot Some creatures that crafted with innovative designing concepts are always quite easy to catch people’s eyes. Undoubtedly, this glamorous new timepiece will be welcomed by many people who appreciate genuine innovation.

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For the replica watch creations from the famous replica watch brand – Jaeger LeCoultre, all of them are well-known by most of the brand’s fans and lovers for their stunning beauty and functionality. All of these styles are available in replica timepieces also which have exactly the same beauty and quality in workmanship.

The Master Compass Extreme Tourbillion Byblos replica watch model is a very sporty Jaeger LeCoultre Replica watch. It comes with platinum and titanium case for durability and a black leather band with yellow accents. The black face is designed with yellow hands and glow in the dark hour markers. There is a tourbillion cage that mounted at the 6 which shows off the precise movement of the model.

The brand-new ladies replica replica watch is named as Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Lady Ceramic and has a beautiful black ceramic case and bezel which is embellished with a black ceramic bracelet band. The bezel has 24 diamonds around it and dazzling hands for easy viewing. It also comes with the date and a second hand counter.

The Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor is designed with an alarm. It is a sporty design with a stainless steel case and bezel and a band fashioned out of both leather ad fabric for a multi dimensional look. The black dial has blue points on the 24 times zones which are presented around the case. It also comes with a date indicator and a wonderful alarm.

Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre and Chronograph is also in the sporting replica watch collection with a black crocodile leather band and large hours, seconds and minutes dials on the face. The identifying character of this model is that the time is not presented around the face; however, it has its own separate dial. There is a power reserve indicators and it is crafted with flying seconds that counts 1/6 of a second.

The novel Reverso Collection is crafted with two models added to the line of replica timepieces. The Reverso A Eclipse has a pretty 18 ct rose gold case with a brown alligator band. The dial in handcrafter in amazing gold highlights which accent the rose gold case. There is a dial that positioned at the 2 o’clock position which you turn and it shows off a beautiful painting of a sail boat on the ocean. The Reverso Squadra Polo Fields World Chronograph comes with a strong titanium case with a black sporty rubber band. It is created with dials on the face for seconds, minutes and hours with the date displayed at the 12. When turning the reverso dial you will see a 24 time zone world timer.

The most attractive and glamorous replica replica Watches ever designed have ceramic hand-painted faces with well-known portraits on them. The Lord Leighton Pavonia comes with a gold case and bezel with a black alligator leather band. The face of the model is a stunning large rectangle shape. The face presents the “Pavonia” painting of Lord Leighton of a maiden in all of her beauty. The Jaeger LeCoultre Venus Masterpiece With Minute Repeater is also a charming work of art. It has a 18 ct white gold case and bezel with a black alligator band and a power reserve indicator. There is a 15 minute counter on the replica watch face and is has the appealing painting of “Venus” in vibrant ceramic colors. With one piece of these charming replica Watches on your wrist, you are surely going to be the center of the eyes glamorous and outstandingly.

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The IWC Big Pilots Men’s replica watch is, actually, quite distinctive among its countarparts for the gigantic looking and the extremely masculine demeanor as a “man’s watch.” In fact, IWC only creats men’s replica Watches and this style is one of its most famous. The contrast of the steel deployment buckle against the brown leather strap and the gigantic clasp are two exceptional, “manly” features not often found on other replica watch designs.

Product Description

The IW500402 IWC Big Pilots Men’s replica watch has a mechanical movement that crafted with Pellaton automatic winding. The seven day power reserve is mounted on the replica watch face. The dial and subdial are black. The calendar bears the date located at the 6 o’clock position. The case measures 46 mm (1.81 in) and is crafted from solid 18K white gold. The strap is brown crocodile. The clasp is a fold over clasp with push button. The crystal is done in sapphire and scratch resistant. The replica watch is water resistant up to 50 meter (167 feet). Created in Switzerland, it comes with a 12 month warranty.


The automatic movement shielded within the IWC Big Pilots Men’s replica watch is the largest available and able to generate a power reserve of 8 days, nevertheless, what’s ultra specific about this function is that after seven days, an internally assembled mechanism automatically stops the watch.

Who’s Wearing It?

Male replica watch faddists of the IWC Big Pilots replica watch such as musician and “Don Juan” John Mayer, movie director Quentin Tarantino, news anchor Tom Brokaw and then actor, and right now Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you are looking for a replica watch model that is designed fully with the masculine elements, this model that embodies internally and impressively the masculine airs will expressively meet your personal tastes.

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It’s quite true that nowadays, the replica watch market internationally is flooded with a large sum of replica watch brands. And each brand has its own position and reputation in the whole field of waking industry. Luminox replica Watches undergo extra manufacturing steps that are needed to install the Luminox self-powered illumination system. Each replica watch uses tiny self-powered micro gas lights improved by the world leader in the luminous compound industry. These micro gas lights (borosilicate glass capsules) are studded into the hands, hour markers, and when necessary, bezels of our replica Watches. Luminox replica Watches need no ultra light source to charge the paint on the dial or hands so as to glow as do traditional luminous replica Watches. Nor do they need the push of a button to light the dial as do timepieces with electroluminescence.

Luminox’s self-powered illumination Luminox Light Technology (LLT) allows the owner to view time-at-a-glance, no matter what the light level, even in total darkness. This ease of being able to read time easily fills an important need for different military and law enforcement groups. It is why the U.S. Navy SEALs Procurement officers asked Luminox to design dive replica Watches for them for night missions. It is also why the U.S. Air Force pilots flying the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Jets requester their own particular watch.

Luminox is currently in development on a totally new ultimate Navy SEAL dive replica watch that will either come with an ana-digi movement (including analog and digital functions) or be available in analog and analog chronograph as well. Luminox is also designing an entire range of aviator replica Watches as part of the Lockheed Collection that will be tied to exclusive jets such as the F-117 Nighthawk (another novel series of replica Watches for this exclusive jet), the F-16 Viper and Fighting Falcon, the Joint Strike Fighter, the F-22 Raptor (a supplemental Stealth jet), the SR-71 Blackbird (record setting jet of the 1960s), and even the Venture Star (the next Space Shuttle), therefore linking Luminox to NASA. The replica Watches designed and crafted from the company are always have their own prcious values to be treasured. You will never be down for your choice for this name.

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In the present replica watch market, there is an increasingly amazing popularity of the replica replica Watches of different replica watch brands. Replica replica watch wins more and more people’s hearts for they meet people’s demand of beauty with attachable price and reliable quality. With the popularity of replica replica Watches, more and more people can enjoy the luxurious beauty that was privileged to the very few wealth people.

Sotheby is going, in Hong Kong, to carry out its 2014 Spring replica Watches Auction on April 7th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. It will be the first time Sotheby’s Hong Kong offer online auction service, before that, Sotheby’s online auction only released once in last June on Sotheby’s New York Auction.

More than 330 models of replica Watches will be auctioned this time, containing few very special private collection from 1970s to the beginning of 1990s, the general price of the replica watch is more than $4,480,000.

Customers can auction these wonderful replica Watches on auction either in presence or through the internet. That’s really thoughtful.

Nowadays getting attention of people is the first crucial step to success in the business world as competitions are getting more and fiercer right now. The first impression you give to others most of the time decides whether you are in or out, and is often indicated from your appearance. How can you stand out with a good impression on others? The wonderful accessory you take will surely add up some particular spicy for your personality. The finely created luxury replica Watches can surely be your very desirable ornament to highlight your personal image.

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When people are used to something for a long time, no matter how fashionable the thing could be when it just hit the marker, it will be out of date after a period of time. Never throw anything away – finally everything comes back in style. In the case of digital replica watch designs, this saying is very true. Remember when you were seven and you couldn’t wait to get your brand-new replica watch with the actual hands so your friends could tell you knew how to read time? Those days are over. People are becoming much more brilliant and have realized that digital replica Watches were quite fashionable for a reason; it’s simply easier to read time on a digital watch. The numbers are huge and you don’t have to look at your replica watch up close just to make the difference between the hour hand and the minute hand. The number one reason why people are selecting to go back to digital replica Watches – the newest designs are simply more stylish than common replica Watches.

The recent popularity increase of digital replica Watches can be contributed to a few particular brands offering the most stylish styles of this type of watch. Below you will find a list of the top 3 luxury replica watch brands which are specializing in digital replica Watches:

Diesel has surely contributed to the recent increase in popularity connected with digital replica Watches. This brand provides a number of styles to choose from when it comes to the most fashionable digital replica Watches on the market. The Diesel Men’s version DZ7005 is one of the most stylish digital replica watch designs right now. This design is available online for just $195.


Citizen is another luxury replica watch label that has contributed to the return of digital replica Watches. Citizen’s Men’s Cyber Aqualand NX (model MG1010-08E) is a digital diving replica watch model that has become one of the hottest replica Watches on the market. Citizen provides top quality replica Watches. This particular replica watch has a recommended price of $900.

Casio, a very popular luxury replica watch label, provides various digital replica watch models for interested consumers. Different from most of the other replica watch brands on the market, Casio designs replica Watches that provide both normal replica watch functionalities and digital replica watch functions in the same design. The Casio Protrek replica watch (model PRG-40T-7VDR) is admirable for consumers who are searching for a stylish digital replica watch with various functions. This specific model is available online for generally $300.

Digital timepieces are making a quick comeback in the world of fashion. Those of you who like to stay on top of evolving fashion trends should highly consider choosing a digital watch. All of these replica Watches come with extremely fashionable appearances and they are also very practical instruments for you to take. All in all, they deserve your choices.

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TWL : Joyeux anniversaire, M. Claret ! CC : Merci ! 20 ans d’existence, que nous avons ft avec la Dual Tow. Mais nous n’en sommes pas arrivs ici en un seul jour. Aprs les 10 premires annes o nous tions une petite entreprise, nous avons pass les cinq annes suivantes, de 2000 2005, construire la marque et a constituer nos rserves financires. Ensuite, de 2005 jusqu’ prsent, ce fut l’re du dveloppement, avec notamment de gros investissements dans notre outil de creation. Nous tions 35 en 2005. Nous sommes prsent a hundred and five. TWL :Comment se porte la manufacture, aujourd’hui CC : Bien ! Nous avons 18 customers permanents pour lesquels nous produisons des mouvements tout au very long de l’anne. Nous en avons perdu quelques un durant la crise, mais je suis assez confiant sur le fait que de nouveaux clientele se prsenteront assez rapidement. Pour nos clients actuels, nous tavaillons simultanment sur 40 mouvements diffrents. Dans le mme temps, nous crons five nouveaux mouvements par an – notre report fut une fois de crer 8 nouveaux mouvements dans la mme anne ! Actuellement notre production est de 400 units par an, pour un chiffre d’affaires de l’ordre de 20 thousands and thousands CHF en 2009.

Replica Zenith Class El Primero Automatic With Champagne Dial Leather Strap 41023 Watch

TWL :Combien de mouvements ont vu le jour chez vous jusqu’ prsent CC : Approximativement sixty four. TWL : Remark sont-ils ns CC : Nous avons un dpartement Design / R&D qui comporte une dizaine de personnes (lorsque la moyenne du secteur pour une entreprise de cette taille est de 3 4 personnes, NDLR). Je suis d’abord horloger avant d’tre manager, je suis donc trs impliqu dans tout le processus de cration. Jusqu’en 2009, nous produisions des mouvements sur commande de nos clientele. Mais depuis cette anne, nous crons nos propres mouvements, sans commande particulire. Nous les prsentons ensuite nos purchasers, qui les dcouvrent alors une fois au stade de la finition. Nous avons actuellement five mouvements en cours d’laboration, 2 3 seront prsents nos customers, le reste rserv notre propre generation.

Jean Dunand Shabaka by Christophe Claret Christope Claret SA TWL : C’est un pari sur l’avenir. Avez-vous la garantie que vos shoppers achteront ces nouveaux mouvements sans en avoir vu les plans auparavant CC : Non, aucune garantie. Mais cela fait plus de 20 ans que je fais ce mtier, et je travaille simultanment pour plus de eighteen clients de la marque Christophe Claret ; j’ai donc une ide assez prcise de la direction dans laquelle volue le march! TWL : A propos du march, remark analysez-vous la crise, ou la sortie de crise CC : Nous n’en sommes pas encore sortis, mais nous sommes sur la bonne voie. Pour la traverser, certaines entreprises se sont replies sur leurs modles phares. D’autres ont rduit leur production. En ce qui me concerne, j’ai mis l’accent sur l’outil de production. Ce sera un lment dterminant lorsque nous serons sortis de crise. Par un jeu d’ajustement du march, des fournisseurs vont probablement dispara tre, et lorsqu’il va falloir de nouveau fournir des mouvements aux clientele, seules les entreprises capables de rpondre trs rapidement pourront tirer leur pingle du jeu – en somme, celles qui ont dj l’outil de production intgr chez elles. De surcro t, disposer de notre propre appareil de production nous garantit notre indpendance. TWL : Vous tes trs impliqu dans la gestion de l’appareil de creation. CC : Totalement. C’est dterminant pour l’entreprise. Nous avons pass des mois, des annes mettre au point nos propres machines, notamment pour la dcoupe de matriaux comme l’or ou le titane. C’est un lengthy travail de co-dveloppement avec des entreprises comme BC Technologies ou Biwi.

Christope Claret SA TWL : Au final, les machines sont donc brevetes Christophe Claret CC : Non, ou seulement sur les quelques innovations cls dveloppes spcifiquement pour nos propres besoins. Mais ce n’est pas dans l’intrt du march de breveter l’innovation. TWL : Mais avec cette ouverture vos concurrents, vous leur permettez d’acqurir les machines qui les placeront au mme niveau d’excution que vous, non CC : Vous savez, quand nos concurrents les achtent, c’est dj une bonne chose pour l’entreprise qui les fabrique, et donc pour le march en gnral. C’est notre manire de voir les choses. De plus, vous savez, quand ils achtent ces machines que nous avons co-dveloppes, cela signifie qu’elles sont dj en creation chez nous depuis des mois ou des annes ! Je sais que des entreprises comme Rolex, Patek Philippe, ou Greubel Forsey en ont achet. Rolex en a acquis 30, Greubel Forsey, une. C’est une chose d’acqurir du matriel de si haute prcision, c’en est une autre que de savoir le faire fonctionner ! TWL : Votre objectif est-il de parvenir 100% de maitrise d’ouvrage dans la ralisation du produit CC : Non, 80-85% est un ratio satisfaisant. Il faut laisser les fournisseurs stratgiques vivre. C’est important pour le march qu’ils perdurent. Ce n’est pas dans notre propre intrt d’tre totalement intgrs. C’est une question d’thique que de continuer commander sur le prolonged terme des fournisseurs fidles et comptents.

Christope Claret SA TWL : Votre entreprise cro t trs rapidement. Certains observateurs estiment que les universits peuvent former approximativement 50 horlogers de haut vol par an, alors que le march en requiert environ ten fois plus. Remark rsolvez-vous cette quation CC : Nous avons tablis des passerelles avec les universits du monde entier. Nous sommes trs actifs sur ce sujet. Nous envoyons nos propres experts travers le monde, pour nous prsenter, pour recruter des stagiaires. Parfois, ils reviennent mme avec un ou deux employs en plus ! TWL : L’indpendance est primordiale, pour vous CC : Oui. Nous ralisons 80% de notre output chez nous. Je suis le seul actionnaire de Christophe Claret SA. Je ne me repose sur aucune banque, je n’ai le soutien d’aucun fonds. Je gre l’entreprise sur ses fonds propres uniquement. L’entreprise traverse la crise avec ses propres rserves. TWL : Qui sont de quel ordre CC : Nous avons environ deux ans d’autonomie devant nous. Mais j’espre que nous n’aurons pas les utiliser ! TWL : Quelle est votre analyse ce sujet CC : J’ai beaucoup appris de la crise de 1998. En ce qui concerne la crise actuelle, j’entrevois une embellie d’ici deux ans. A l’horizon 2015, nous devrions avoir retrouv le niveau du march de 2006-2007. TWL : Ne pensez-vous pas que l’mergence de l’Asie puisse bousculer ces prvisions CC : Il y a deux Asie pour nous. La premire est l’Asie cliente. Les millionnaires chinois sont de plus en plus nombreux, c’est un fait – et mme si pour nous, petite entreprise, c’est un march difficile pntrer. La seconde, c’est l’Asie concurrente. Oui, la Chine a prsent rcemment ses premiers tourbillons, mais je ne suis pas vraiment inquiet (sourire entendu). Le tourbillon est leur premire complication, et la plus haut-de-gamme. Chez Christophe Claret, c’est la base commune de tous nos modles Indpendamment de cela, n’oublions pas que les Etats-Unis, une fois sortis de la crise, seront de retour sur le march du luxe, avec le potentiel que cela peut reprsenter. Et la fois Christophe Claret SA et la Dual Tow sont dj prsents sur place.

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Among the replica watch brands throughout the replica watch making field, Elgin has gained its reputationf for the replica Watches which have been considered by may replica watch lovers as the most sought after replica Watches all over the world. Known for their sophistication and reliability, these replica Watches would make the perfect present for a person who is searching for a watch. There are many methods to find an Elgin watch. Jewelers, online auctions, garage sales and from private collectors, these timepieces are always available everyday. If a person is on a budget, they should first try an online auction. A person can choose carefully and delicate to see which style they like and see if it is available. There are some downsides to buying a replica watch online, nevertheless. Many times these replica Watches do not come with warrantees. It’s quite sad if the replica watch is damaged or broken. Sometimes replica Watches come along with a partial warrantee that will only last a year or so. It’s much better to have something than to have nothing. This is better than no warrantee at all.

Another problem with online auction sites is that the presented designs might not be genuine. Many people say they are selling Elgin replica Watches; however, actually, they are not. Be careful who a person is purchasing a replica watch from. Although a person can leave the seller with a poor rating, they may not get their money back and will be stuck with a replica watch that is not the original one. This can be terrible to those who have limited accounts and wanted to give someone an original Elgin watch.

Be sure to find out all the details about the design before determine to buy it. Find out the replica Watches size and if it can be returned if it does not fit finely. Many times a jeweler will resize a replica watch for a minimal fee. This can help if a consumer does not live nearby. Try to find a replica watch store that will fit and can be returned if it does not. Many times an Elgin replica watch will can not be returned. This can be a very extravagant mistake.

Buying a replica watch is great presennt idea for a person who appreciates jewelry. It is also a good gift for someone who is hard to shop for. Many replica Watches are collectors’ goods and are very valuable. Being able to find and buy a replica watch like this will impress everyone and make the present that much more special. If the person is local, take them to the jeweler to be sized for the replica watch design. The jeweler will be able to fit the size right there. An Elgin replica watch that matches well will look good on anyone’s wrist. A person may be able to get a piece that is less expensive however, is still very nice to look at. An Elgin replica watch is really a desirable choice as the gift for anyone who likes to wear a replica watch and enjoys wearing quality jewelry. The replica watch from the company, surely, can be the very nice accessory for many replica watch lovers to choose from.

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The Seiko Watches timepiece that presented above is one of Seiko’s award winning watches. In 2014, this timepiece has won the Golden Balance Wheel Award. It seems this timepiece has already precious and wonderful enough with the award. However, the replica watch deserves more since it could be much more excellent with the wonderful functionality and stylishness. The Seiko Spring Drive is crafted with a polished stainless steel case together with the leveled bezel and crown. It also has an alligator leather strap to match the superior glow of its case. Apart from this, this watch has a multilevel dial highlighted in black. The deeper part of this dial holds the power reserve indicator placed on the 7 o’clock position while the upper part holds the time and the moonphase indicator. This power reserve indicator particularly the moonphase indicator gives life to the dial with their exquisite stainless steel sub dials. This Seiko also is designed with a glowing stainless hour markers and hands which are just so attractive.

There is no doubt that the price of the Seiko Spring Drive replica watch is certainly quite high. And it can be much more expensive for the winning of the 5,000 Euros watch category. Moreover, the watch model is limited produced and only 200 pieces be available.

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The Tissot Navigator 3000 is the newest in Tissot’s line of “Touch Screen” replica watches. The Touch Screen collection is comprised of 4 replica watches (the T-Touch, the High-T, the Silen-T, as well as Navigator 3000) that are principally operated by touching the sapphire crystal in several destinations instead of pushing buttons. All 4 of the Touch Display screen replica watches are drastically various. The High-T is undoubtedly an MSN Direct Place enjoy, the Silen-T is actually a a lot more formal timepiece, and the T-Touch is made for climbing and various outside actions. The Navigator 3000, in distinction, is primarily a vacation check out. The origins in the Navigator 3000 go every one of the way back to 1853 when Tissot produced a pocket replica watch capable of exhibiting several time zones. a hundred decades later arrived the first Tissot Navigator multiple time zone check out, and many just lately, the Tissot Navigator 3000 with several new and very advanced functions:

Contact screen technological innovation. The Tissot Navigator 3000 has only one button which you employ to activate the touch crystal. As soon as activated, you interact with the look at nearly completely by touching the crystal in various locations, and for various durations. Multiple display languages. The Navigator 3000 can be configured to function in a single of six distinct languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. A number of time zones. The Navigator 3000 can be a travel observe, and enables you to definitely track a number of time zones at the same time (far more on this aspect underneath). If you initially get the enjoy, you will want to set it to your property time zone which you do by very first deciding on your continent, then your state, and eventually your town. The replica watch will come with a hundred and fifty metropolitan areas preprogrammed, however, if yours just isn’t involved, you can manually include a custom made metropolis. T-World Purpose. This can be the title for your Navigator 3000′s a number of time zone mode. The Navigator 3000 can keep track of 4 additional time zones (in addition to the primary time zone, or the reference time zone, as Tissot calls it). Among the coolest functions of this look at will be the ability to swap out the reference time for among the other four time zones. For example, you established your 4 additional time zones to the 4 places to which you are most likely to vacation. When you arrive in a various time zone, rather than resetting the time on your check out, you simply select the new time zone, and swap it out for your reference time zone. Any time you journey back again house, just swap the two time zones again. The Navigator 3000 can also be configured to exhibit the offset between your various time zones and your reference time zone versus exhibiting absolute times. Pretty sophisticated and comprehensive. DST support. All on the one hundred fifty preprogrammed cities also have DST setting preprogrammed up to the year 2099. If you create a customized metropolis, you can manually configure the DST settings, as well. Chronograph. The Navigator 3000′s chronograph measures time at a resolution of 1/100 of a second while the total duration is under one particular hour. When the duration is one particular hour or far more, the resolution changes to whole seconds. The crown is used to start and stop the chronograph (extra precise than using the touch-crystal), as well as the crown is held down to reset the time. Countdown timer. The Navigator 3000′s countdown timer permits you to established hours, minutes, and seconds. The maximum time is 23:59:59. The LCD flashes and also the look at starts beeping when there are 5 seconds remaining, then the main alarm sounds when the full time has elapsed. Two programmable alarms. The Navigator 3000 has two alarms that might be programmed for specific times on specific days of your week. These are not true programmable alarms because you cannot select the exact date, but being able to select the day with the week still gives you a lot of flexibility. You can also choose amongst five different alarm melodies which I think can be a nice touch. Calendar. The Navigator 3000 has a calendar mode that displays the date in one of three distinctive modes: day/date, seconds/date, or week number. After selecting the desired format, the replica watch will go again into time mode, leaving the date format of your choice on the LCD. It is possible to change the order of your date units, as well, to suite your regional preferences. LCD backlight. The LCD is usually illuminated by rotating the crown. Rather than your standard blue/green backlight, the Tissot Navigator 3000′s LCD illuminates a really cool red color. To increase the intensity, turn the crown to the right, and to decrease it, turn it to the left. The LCD remains illuminated for 10 seconds after the last operation. Energy saving mode. If you don’t intend to use the replica watch for a while, you may put it into energy saving mode. The LCD will go blank, as well as the hands will indicate 6:30. You can reactivate the observe by pressing the crown for two seconds. Water-resistant to 50 meters, or 165 feet. Stainless steel case and bracelet, and scratch-proof sapphire crystal. Despite all these excellent capabilities, I do have two small criticisms of the Tissot Navigator 3000: Height. The Navigator 3000 is taller than I expected. In fact, appears to be the same height as the T-Touch. The T-Touch contains an altimeter, thermometer, barometer, and compass, so you sort of expect it to be thick, but the Navigator 3000 is really just a sophisticated quartz digital (with an additional analog show). Perhaps it’s the touch-screen engineering which gives both the T-Touch along with the Navigator 3000 their bulk. I’m not sure, but I did expect a slightly smaller profile from the Navigator 3000. Usability. The Navigator 3000 is not overly easy to use. If you don’t deal well with unique, complicated, and somewhat involved interfaces, the Tissot Navigator 3000 isn’t for you. The user manual tries to simplify the process of learning the view by dividing instructions up into common actions and “expert mode,” but any way you slice it, this observe will come with a pretty steep learning curve. Personally, that doesn’t bother me a bit (I love learning and mastering new interfaces), but it’s definitely something to be aware of before purchasing amongst these. Overall, I’ve been very happy together with the Navigator 3000. I now have three of your 4 Tissot Contact Display screen replica watches, and while they are all unique enough that you can’t really compare them, the Navigator 3000 is surely an excellent and worthy addition. It has everything that I think is essential in a digital observe (globe time, countdown timer, programmable alarms, backlight, stopwatch) plus numerous additional cool attributes (touch-screen engineering and very sophisticated time zone management). I also like the look and feel on the Navigator 3000. It is unique and sturdy, as well as LCD uses an interesting and uncommon font (not to mention the cool red backlight). The suggested retail price for the all stainless steel version on the Tissot Navigator 3000 is $595, but Tissots are typically heavily discounted (between 10-30%), which I think puts the Navigator 3000 into a pretty reasonable range. Additional Resources: Tissot Navigator 3000 product page. Review of your Tissot T-Touch. Review of the Tissot High-T. Review with the Seiko Sportura Entire world Time. I love the backlight on the Navigator 3000. The red is extremely original. Along with the fonts used for that LCD are unusual, as well. A good shot in the Tissot Navigator 3000 bezel. Notice the planet map etched into the casebase. Nice. The red line is actually just a sticker I haven’t peeled off yet. The Tissot Navigator 3000′s clasp, clearly labeled as such. A close-up on the Navigator’s handsome face. This picture gives you a good idea of how tall the view is. This is certainly among the few things I don’t like about the Navigator 3000. The Tissot Navigator 3000 as well as the T-Touch. This gives you a good idea from the size of your Tissot Navigator on my wrist. The partially polished stainless steel bracelet. From left to right, the Tissot High-T, the T-Touch, as well as Navigator 3000. By Christian Cantrell

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