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“The Neomega” – New Site from Cross the Line Films by HM

horloges Cross the Line Films, the production company behind Heroine Legends and Super vs. Evil , has announced The Neomega , a new site which will feature actress Tiffany Chase. Logan is asking for your feedback for this production, so feel free to leave your comments below. 

Message from Logan Cross and Tiffany Chase

replica horloges te koop Hey everyone! We’d like to get your feedback as we prepare a new site starring one of our actresses who plays Trinity in Heroine Legends and Moonstar in Super vs Evil: Tiffany Chase! She’s been a fan favorite even with the few videos she’s done already and she’s overly excited and eager to jump into constant filming in this genre! She has exclusively signed on with Cross the Line Films and we are preparing to create her new site, but before we do, we’d like your input (believe it or not, MOST of what we do here is based on fan feedback)!

Zwitserse replica horloges We haven’t decided how we want to do this site… tons of ideas and concepts have flooded my brain everywhere from creating a Supergirl type character who has different types of costumes and must stop crime in an old-school style setup all the way to taking the Neomegas project which lives within a computer system (like the Matrix) and throwing her in as the Savior character… but there are so many other options too!

beste replica horloges This site will be male and female and very fan-driven. Take a look at the quick (if 8 minutes is quick) video Tiffany & I put together for you to talk about it and we look forward to creating this new completely independent site with your involvement!!

Visit The Neomega here Visit The Neomega Facebook Page here

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Zwitserse replica horloges

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